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Feature-Rich Ticketing and Membership Management System

Enjoy a great value complete ticketing solution

With our feature-rich ticketing system software, you can look forward to increased revenue and footfall to your attraction or event as well as in-depth knowledge of your customer base.

Enjoy a great value complete ticketing solution that’s both future-proof and agile. We never rest on our laurels; our hard-working team offers software and support that makes event management, marketing and CRM simple. With our help, your brand will flourish and prosper.

Dig deeper into our powerful features then get in touch to chat about how our flexible platform will transform your ticketing and marketing forever.

Design Your Own System

Let’s collaborate to create an exceptional ticketing system that is designed to meet your every need. Our custom-made software is anything but off-the-shelf; it is designed with only one purpose in mind: to add value to your growing brand.

We will construct a sophisticated system that reduces admin and increases bookings. It’s a win-win.

We will incorporate your branding throughout to ensure consistency and cultivate loyalty.

We will support the design of engaging communications that will keep your customers hooked before, during and after the purchasing process.

We will help you gain insight into customer behaviour with our dynamic bespoke Customer Relationship Management technology.

Increase Your Revenue

Our feature-rich software will support you to maximise bookings and increase revenue.

Employ our groundbreaking marketing technology to convert first-timers to paid-up members and enjoy long-term financial security.

Leveraging social media to boost brand awareness and encourage online sales is a guaranteed way to guarantee anticipation and interest.

With our safe and simple online sales software, customers will return again and again. People want to feel confident in their purchasing, particularly in today’s uncertain climate.

From the very first click, we can help you transform a customer into a fully paid-up member.

Get In-Depth Insights

Gain valuable insight into customer behaviour with our dynamic CRM technology.

Our impressive software will help you build a comprehensive overview of your audience and identify trends, allowing you to reward loyalty and deepen trust.

To make life even easier, our integrated marketing tools with their finely tuned reporting features will help you create targeted messages that reach the right people at the right time. Our skilled team is always on hand to help you interpret data and make the most of our CRM technology.

Integrate Easily

Tyg Tickets®’ feature-rich ticketing system software is easy to use and incredibly responsive. Manage bookings with confidence using our reassuringly reliable integrated approach.

Gain key insights into market trends, customer behaviour and much more, with ease and flexibility.

As specialists in memberships, season cards and auto-renewals our integrated system will make the booking experience simple and quick for your customers.

Our powerful software is an end-to-end automated solution that will meet your every need allowing you to get on with the job of entertaining and educating delighted visitors.

Feel Secure

At Tyg Tickets® we want to offer our customers peace of mind.

Our cloud-based platform is updated regularly meaning you can benefit from the most up-to-date, secure technology.

You’ll be pleased to know that our ticketing system software integrates with major bank and payment providers and our TYG Wallet technology accelerates the sales process, making purchasing easy, and storing card details with confidence.

Because safety is crucial, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 will safeguard the security of your customer data and SagePay will protect card payments to the highest level.

Discover More Features

Membership Module

From online or onsite sales to renewal date, seamlessly automate your membership team’s workload with a membership tool which is easy to use and straightforward to implement.

Safe Contactless Entry

Everyone stays safe with contactless entry. Keep track of customers without physical points of contact. Stress-free ticketing is here to stay.

Renew Yearly Memberships Automatically

An easy way to manage membership fees and renewals. Automatic renewal is convenient for your customers and guarantees long term income for you.

Monthly Payments - Subscriptions

Generous subscription options welcome more members into the fold. Track everything in one easy-to-manage system safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy ongoing support from our caring team.

Pre Visit Emails

Instil a sense of excitement and anticipation by informing your visitors of what they can expect to enjoy at your attraction. Keep the momentum going with streamlined pre-visit emails.

Post Visit Emails

Keep your customers abreast of the latest news with our robust and responsive automatic email system. Regular personalised communication fosters loyalty and encourages repeat visits.

Gift Aid Ready

Make charitable giving easy with our simple system that will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of Gift Aid.

CRM Detailed Visitor Information

Gain valuable insight into customer behaviour and reward loyalty by building a comprehensive overview of your audience with our dynamic Customer Relationship Management technology.

Simplify your Retail Sites

Respond to customer demands for more flexible shopping with suggestion tickets eg selling tickets with coffee and cake to increase revenue, simply.

Straightforward Selling

Keep sales uncomplicated Build your customer base quickly and easily with ongoing support from our team.

Increased Revenue

Leverage social media to your advantage and build interest and anticipation by offering limited early bird tickets and special discounts.

Customer Self Registration

Our TYG Wallet technology accelerates the sales process, making purchasing easy, and securely stores card details with confidence.

Professional Gate Management

Keep things moving smoothly and validate tickets anywhere with our slick and agile Smartphone Gate Manage App.

Dynamic Ticket Builders

With several ticket types to choose from, we can help you create templates that fit your specific needs.

Visitor Feedback

Collecting visitor feedback is crucial to shaping future strategies. Our graphical reporting tool and seamless integration of your chosen survey tools will help you streamline the evaluation process.

Secure Transactions

We understand that safety is paramount so be assured that Comodo SSL will safeguard the security of your customer data and SagePay will protect card payments to the highest level.


Enjoy the full Tyg treatment with Tyg Total Solutions, combining an easy-to-use touch screen Point Of Sale with TygPoS© ticketing, CRM and membership management system.

Fully Brandable

Your branding is vital and should be consistent throughout the customer journey. We will help you establish brand consistency that is both powerful and adaptable.

Affiliate Management

You can rely on our expert affiliate management, from regulating commission and handling payments to the provision of extensive tracking capabilities.

Real-Time Reporting

Enjoy up to date information with our powerful, responsive reporting system, as and when you need it.

Flexible Seating Plan Design

Our efficient and intuitive seating allocation and management software allows you to design bespoke seating plans, offering customers flexibility and a speedy purchasing process.

Gift Options

Our gift card options will increase revenue and boost brand loyalty. We make it easy to redeem gift cards, guaranteeing repeat business.

Future Proof

As ticketing innovators, we never stand still. You can be confident that we will work hard to ensure your brand moves forward in tandem with the fast-paced world we live in.

Collaborative Design

A powerful blend of ideas, planning, strategy and user feedback puts TYG steps ahead of its competitors. Our software is designed to be fluid, fit for purpose and always capable of meeting your needs.

Custom API Integration

We are able to build you API’s to integrate with the tools you are familiar with so you’ve got all the information at your fingertips.

Dedicated Support

At Tyg we provide exceptional levels of support to all of our clients. We’re there when you need us the most from help and advice to issues you’re having with the software.

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