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Seasonal Event Ticketing System

Our software will help you juggle ticketing, marketing and gate management.

Whether you’re holding a large-scale annual festival or an intimate event, our seasonal event ticketing system will help you juggle ticketing, marketing and gate management simply and efficiently.

With so much at stake when managing large events, you want a reliable tool that will keep you and your team on the right track and guarantee hundreds of satisfied visitors.

Our flexible software can be designed to suit your exact needs, helping you to oversee ticketing, create an effective marketing strategy and handle gate management with ease.

Speak to us today about how we can help you make your seasonal event or festival the best one yet.

Keep Costs Low

In event management, every penny counts.

You want to welcome happy visitors but at the same time keep an eye on your resources.

Our integrated software will reduce unnecessary processes, saving you time and money. You will have a dedicated TYG Tickets account manager on hand to help you run your event more efficiently.

You can enjoy powerful reporting and customised features, each one designed to lower your costs in the long run.

It’s a complete solution. With one simple-to-use system you can manage your seasonal event or festival anywhere, any time.

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Drive Ticket Sales

The winning combination of magical marketing and convenient purchasing will send ticket sales and revenue through the roof.

With the help of our superior software, you can take advantage of huge, happy crowds of fans who’ll come back to enjoy stellar entertainment again and again.

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Pre and Post Event Marketing

Keeping in touch with customers is crucial. You’ll want to build pre-event anticipation, inform visitors of what to expect and outline how they can make the most of the event experience. Afterwards, you’ll invite customers to submit feedback and inform them of future events.

We understand that eventgoers appreciate the personal touch. They want to be entertained as well as directed, with straightforward access to help features. Tyg’s hardworking software supplies responsive automatic email systems to keep customers informed and entertained at every stage of the ticketing process.

You can be confident that our first-rate pre- and post-marketing features will reassure, excite and pave the way for future sales.

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Simple Gate Management

The fewer steps customers have to take to enjoy their chosen event, the better. Banish long queues and tetchy tempers with our simple and effective gate management software.

Scan tickets with our easy-to-use touch screen ePos tills and validate them from any location using our slick and agile Smartphone Gate Manage App.

Our stress-free ticketless entry system keeps visitors safe while helping you track physical points of contact.

We recognise that the key to easy ticketing is hands-free software that uses clever tech to make happy customers.

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More Benefits of TYG

  • Secure Transactions
    Secure Transactions
  • Professional Gate Management
    Professional Gate Management
  • CRM Detailed Visitor Information
    CRM Detailed Visitor Information
  • Increased Revenue
    Increased Revenue
  • Dynamic Builders
    Dynamic Builders
  • Pre and Post Visit Emails
    Pre and Post Visit Emails
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Once you Tyg it, you’ll love it

Our flexible platform can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Get in touch to request a demo and find out for yourself how our customised service can take your brand to the next level.

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